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Dear friends, colleagues and acquaintances,

I have bcc'ed over 300 of you so if you have not heard from me in a while, hello. Please read this as it is a very valuable lesson about persistence.

About 18 months ago my reputation that I worked so hard to build was shattered all because of a rogue and badly behaved doctor in India who claimed that I took funds from parents and did not deliver, whereas he was the one who would lie about transfers being done. I suffered major setbacks, my staff alienated me (and some even sided with him on this matter). I slowly and patiently started to pay off people who were hurt by this incident but I also decided to fight back in Indian courts even though I was told that this was a losing proposition and that I would have grandchildren before this would ever see the light of day in court. I had sent my attorney from one part of India (Chennai) to another (Hyderabad) 4x to seek justice and well, today, I received a letter from the Andra Pradesh Medical Council that says that Samit lied about being an embryologist and that they will suspend his license for 6 months while they investigate further wrong doings. I have enclosed this rather hard to understand letter for your review but the 3rd page is where this paragraph is.

This journey to justice was not an easy one nor is it over quite yet. My attorney told me that getting a criminal or civil suit would be very difficult unless we could provide prima facae (sic?) evidence of wrong doing. As it was we had emails where he was holding embryos hostage for more money (still is but now thanks to this letter Sahil, my guy in India, can help me get it released). My attorney did some initial research and found it curious that he graduated medical school with an MBBS degree at the age of 22 and then called himself the world's youngest embryologist when that is a 3 year specialisation. He suggested that we go after this point with the State medical council and then once we prove fraud in one circumstance, it will be easier to get heard at the National level (in otherwords the Indian equivalent of the AMA) or use the threat of this to get the embryos released and extract a confession of his wrong doings (which also includes sleeping with egg donors -- Eric, let me know if yo wish to see that evidence, which is not a crime perhaps but it is abhorrently unethical but something my attorney could not use against him at the time. What is very curious about this case is that when we attacked him on this point (that he is really not an embryologist) he did not reply with "Yes I am and here is my proof" or even "no but I received substantial training in it" but rather that the complaint was civil and that I was aiming to extort money from him (but my attorney argued for evidence) and then he claimed he filed charges against me for cyber crimes which has nothing to do with him being an embryologist.

My next step is to make sure people finally know what kind of Dr (or non-embryologist) Dr Samit is and to restore my tarnished honour. Some of the people cc'ed on this email were people who were hurt by him but came after me for justice and I never argued with you, I started paying you back to the best of my efforts and ability but hopefully you will see this evidence and realise that I was not the bad guy, I was a victim too but rather than shrug my shoulders I took responsibility even though it was not my fault and I fought back.

I still ask for forgiveness to those who got hurt but at least now I hope my request for redemption is more justified. For the last 18 months since this crisis, I have helped as many wonderful people as I could thanks to my awesome team (Geoff., Bill, Jennifer, Stefanie, Ana. Sahil, Carlo. Junaid, Sam, Sarah. Sam, Jai, Zoey, and Junaid), thank you for being there for me while we went through this bloody hell. Now my confidence is back and it is time to return the lustre back on our logo, and let us all do what we enjoy doing, SAVE LIVES. God Bless!

Rudy Rupak -- Founder & CEO -- PlanetHospital

PS: Parents/former victims, please spread the word far and wide.